bornetBornet is a cybercafé different from the rest, much more welcoming that most of the impersonal places for to connect with internet that are in cities all over the world.

Close to Picasso Museum, located in an authentic building typical with thick-walled in the genuine neighborhood of El Born decorated with collections made by local artists, is this internet cafe where people who approach can also connect to the network, accommodated in different armchairs to enjoy a wide selection of teas and other beverages such as coffee or beers wines in a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying the moment.
Barra de Ferro 3, mapa

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Stop being a simple consumer and learn to make your own beer! !

curs elaboracio 9novembreTo you, beer lover, are you interested in its elaboration? It’s not as difficult as it seems. In L’Espumossa will explain how.

The home production of beer is a hobby widespread in countries with a long tradition of brewing, and now becoming known in our country.

This course will introduce you to the culture of beer at home (Home-brewing). Rediscover the different families of beer in the world and the equipment and ingredients needed to prepare it. And finally, your will make your first beer starting from the basic ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast.
Provença 171, Mapa
L’Espumossa: Art & Cervesa

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RelajaT3In the district of Sants is where you can find this space thinking to enjoy the essence of tea.

A space where is possible to have the opportunity to discover a diverse amount of flavors from more than 50 different teas and infusions.

Local is designed for  tasting tea in a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for reead a book, lost in thoughts or share time with friends, family, friends or colleagues. With special reference to the internal terrace, perfect to spend time taking the fresh air.
Vallespir 96, Map


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The new beer “Black IPA”

25935_512270355533923_255038319_nOn October 19 there will be the 10th edition of “Vine a fer cervesa” at Les Cotxeres de Sants. A week earlier, on the 11th, and in different places it will be possible to attend a series of events related to beer.

In L’Espumossa there will be a workshop where it will be tested the new beer in a world premiere. The “Black IPA” developed jointly by As Cervesa and Molta Birra. In addition to this event attendees will have the opportunity to listen the explanation of Ernest, Brewer of Molta Birra, about the details and anecdotes related to the development of the new recipe.
Provença 171, Map
L’Espumossa: Art & Cervesa

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Of Ground, or Air

En ek suelo en el aire From 9 to 28 September in Akashi Gallery it is possible to admire the exhibition “Of Ground, or Air”, the pieces in this exhibition produce the same admiration in people when look at the sky or to admire a landscape from a great height.

The theme of the exposition is far enough for visitors to be familiar and also interesting because the variety of pieces showing for Tom Payne, artist lover of Japanese culture and history, and this is reflected in his work, particularly the “Hanabi” or fireworks festivals.

On opening night the documentary “Light Up Nippon” (original version with subtitles in Castilian, with music by Ryuichi Sakamoto). In this film young volunteers released thousands of fireworks in solidarity with the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. Traditionally in Japan Fireworks are a tribute to the victims and a symbol of hope.

The opening night Tom Payne will be demonstrated by developing a small sculpture.
Roselló 197, map
Akashi Gallery

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